Weekly News - 09/16/208

Thankfully Florence decided to not come our way and hopefully everyone stayed dry this weekend.

We finished our first week of practice with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.  Our coaches have been busy focusing on lane and practice organization.  

This week, for our younger groups (White and Red) we will continue working on stroke technique. Purple, Blue, and Senior emphasized stroke technique with some endurance/aerobic work mixed in with a major focus on swimming with good technique.

Our meet schedulel is in the final stage of planning and will be posted shortlly.  

Suits for Competition/Swim Meets - BASS does NOT require swimmers to have a BASS Logo Suit.  BASS is a Speedo Sponsored Teamand we ask that for competition/meets that your child wear a Speedo brand suit.  If you want and would like to purchase Team Logo Apparel you can contact Gary at Sports Fair Inc.  telephone 703-524-9500.

The BASS Store is Open - Deadline to Order is September 30th -  This is where you can order your Childs Personalized BASS Silicone Swim Caps.

Suits for Swim Practice - it is recommended that your child NOT wear their competion suit or BASS Cap for practice.  Ask Gary at Sportfair for practice suit sales.

Practice goal for the week is to Be Sure to Bring Water Bottles to Practice  and Stay Hydrated!