October Challenge Volunteers!

Now is the time to sign-up for our upcoming home swim meet (October 6 & 7).  You can do this by going to “October Challenge”, and clicking on “Job Signup.”

CONCESSIONS!?!? We have a HUGE need for a concessions coordinator for this meet.  If you are interested, please contact Corrie Martin or Paul Alexander. 

TIMELINE:   The general session times (including warm-ups) are as follows; however, these times may be adjusted once all the entries are filed, so please check the website before the meet.  

Session 1   Saturday AM [All 10 & under + Boys 11-12]

Session 2   Saturday PM [Girls 11-12 + ALL 13 & over]

Session 3   Sunday AM [Boys 11-12 + ALL 13 & over]

Session 4   Sunday PM [All 10 & under + Girls 11-12]

Remember, each family is assigned volunteer hours.  If you have one swimmer in the pool, you are responsible for 20 hours. Two or more swimmers are responsible for 40 hours. Plus, all of us working together makes it all go more smoothly!  GO BIG TREE!