We are excited to kick off the 2018-19 season with the October Opener Meet this Saturday! Here is a little bit of information for this first meet.

Location: Corpening Memorial YMCA; 348 Corpening Dr, Marion NC 28752.

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018.

Time: Warmup is at 12:00p; Meet begins at 1:00p. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to warmup as usual and be ready to go when warmup begins.

Attire: Everyone should wear a black swim suit. Caps will be provided for all new swimmers. Returning swimmers should bring their caps and get new ones at the next meet. All returning Piranhas swimmers should wear a black and white Piranhas shirt. If you do not have any of these items, that is fine…don’t panic. As long as your swimmer has a swim suit we can work around it!

Please don't forget to go to the front desk at the YMCA and pay for the meet. You can pay at the front desk at the Downtown, Reuter, Hendersonville, or Corpening YMCAs. Just tell them you would like to pay for a swim meet, give them the name of the swim meet (October Opener), and number of days your child is participating in the swim meet (this meet is only one day). The cost of this meet is $20.00, but they will already know that at the front desk because meet fees are listed in Daxco.

All Piranhas will sit on deck in the bleachers with their teammates. We would like your swimmers to bond with other swimmers and we need to be able to find them when making sure that all swimmers are ready for their events. There will be limited space for parents on deck as the bleachers are for swimmers only. There will be an overflow area in Rec Room A and outside the pool door in the grass. Parents are encouraged to bring tents (for outside) and chairs to sit. A clerk of course will let you know which event numbers are up so that you can see your child swim.

This is our meet and we rely on volunteers. We will need about 18 timers for this meet. If you don’t know how but would like to volunteer that is great too, there will be somebody there to explain it to you. This is a prime spot (right behind the blocks) and you will be guaranteed a great view of your child’s swims!

We are a team; we will always help each other and be supportive. Remember how overwhelming it is doing things for the first time. Please help those swimmers or parents that are confused in a welcoming way. Please bring your black permanent markers to write down your children's events. Returning parents please reach out to new parents at the meet and help them to understand how this works! Returning swimmers will be reminded to do the same!


We can’t wait to see you at the meet on Saturday!! GO PIRANHAS!!