SWIM-A-Thon 2018 Nov 24, 28 or Dec 12

The SWIM-A-Thon is coming in November!

SOLO as a non-profit works to keep the costs of the program at the lowest levels. Which allows for the most swimmers to benefit from the opportunities. And the children benefit from the experience together.

We will host the event on:

Option #1 Friday Nov 30th at Burgess Main Swim from 4:00-5:30.

Option #2 Saturday Nov 24th & Dec 15th at the College of San Mateo from 12:30-2:30 Longest Option.

Option #1 Wednesday Dec 12th at Burgess 4:00-5:30 as a last make up day.

During this time swimmers will swim as many laps in any fashion they wish. The goal for the younger swimmers is 100 laps, while older swimmers can do up to a max of 200 laps according to the national rules! And swimmers reaching these levels will receive awards at these levels.

The SWIM-A-Thon is the official event and is part of the USA Swimming Foundation. Which also means we do our part to help the national program and the Olympic effort in swimming. And we get cool gear for the top leaders and is listed on the national website leader board.

Please take a minute to look over the info on the website. To make this an outstanding year. Your support is needed. Gettting the word out to family and friends is the best thing to do now. Then make sure you let everyone know your amazing. And that your going to crush. So a flat fee is a great idea. Someone always is amazed by the number of laps! We know our kids are amazing!

Click on the link on the front of the website for the forms!

"Thank You", for making the SOLO program amazing!