Swim BC & Swim Canada Time Standards 2018-2019

Swim BC Time Standards

Following the summer championship meets, Swim BC sent a survey to coaches soliciting input on the new formats which had been developed by Swim BC and BCSCA.
The responses were mixed, with no strong consensus to warrant making significant alterations to the formats.  As this was conceived and put forward by BCSCA and Swim BC to be at least a three-year run, the meets will go forward with minor adjustments. 

First among those is a re-branding of these meets to be more descriptive of the target group.
"Tier 1" will become "Age Group Championships".
"Tier 2" will become "Provincial Championships".

Time standards were also reviewed and for the most part, kept as they were last year. Adjustments were made in a few events where three-year performance metrics indicated imbalance with other events. 

Link to: 2018-2019 Swim BC Time Standards(.pdf)

Swimming Canada 2018-2019 Time Standards

 Link to: 2018-2019 Swimming Canada CSC, CJC, Trials, East/West Time Standards (LCM only)