URGENT Nov 17 & 18 DACA Now Open

Urgent Sign Up: Nov 17 & 18 Meet Date

The link at is now live for us to enter the DACA Meet!

Entered now: Tzewa and Sella, Carson, Julia, Drew, Ron & Emile, Adele, Lulu, Alexandra, Lexi, Nupur & Raina. 

If you need help with your entry just email Coach Tom the day or days your swimmer would like to swim.

Once your swimmer is signed up you will receive an email confirmation of the events. If you need a change to the events, an email should be sent. Once a day is set up, it cannot be deleted. Only events changed on the  day.

(DO NOT ENTER PSL MEET! It will allow you to enter, but we are going to DACA.)

COACH TOM: [email protected]

Whats Up:

SOLO had been assigned to the Pacifica Sea Lions Venue for the Nov. 17 & 18 meet. We have moved to the DACA Site because of limited space, and swimmers NOT getting into the PSL Meet in past years.

Please email: [email protected] with the day or days your child would like to swim ASAP!

This meet is an important lead in meet to the SOLO hosted meet as well as making Junior Olympic and Senior Times!

Thanks! Go SOLO!