Parent Note - Review of Account Information Needed

Good evening,

Just a quick note to ask you to take a moment to login and review your account information for each of your swimmers.

We are getting ready to send in the team information to USA Swimming and had a few issues last year with our accounts. This can make it much more difficult to record times properly, so please review each child to ensure items such as middle initial and birthdate have been completed. Those are two very important ones.

If you need help in doing so, please ask a board member for assistance. We ask that you get this completed by Friday this week. Anything that is not corrected by then will be entered that way for the year.

Thank you parents, for your quick action to get this checked over!

I hope that everyone is getting excited to see these kids swim their hearts out. As I've been watching from the stands, I've seen new and older swimmers with big improvements! Make sure you tell them they are doing great!