Weekly News (October 29-Nov 3)

Hello all Panthers,


Ok everyone should be all rested up and ready to go for our biggest meet of the year in two weeks. Swimfest registration deadline is today, so if you are not signed up by tomorrow morning you cannot be in the meet. Today is the first official practice day of our new “Super Jr. Panthers” so we are looking forward to this program taking off. Also, varsity swim tryout start today for the high school team so there is plenty of excitement to be had a the pools. Let’s go Panthers!



Important Notes:



Swimfest Friday Night Spirit Night (Friday, November 9th) 2:35-3:35pm:

This is an all ages, all family and friends celebration to get us all pumped up for the biggest swim meet in Bangkok…SWIMFEST 2018!

Our high school swimmers will be running this practice and they will help our younger swimmers prepare for the big meet. There will be the big cheer off and snacks after the fun!

If you are swimming in swim fest, please do make this practice even if for just a short time. This is where we hand out the Swimfest Shirts and you don't want to miss that!


Swimfest 2018: Are you ready?

Coming up in two weeks is the biggest swim meet of the year. There will be over 1000 swimmers coming to ISB and we will do our best to be great hosts; and to do this we need you at your best.

Make sure you pay special attention at practice this week and your coaches will do their best to prepare you.

  • Know your races (Event/Heat/Lane)
  • Know your Personal Best Times, this is what we use to measure your success!
  • Know where you are supposed to be and when…then be EARLY!
  • Have fun and talk to other swimmers from other teams…great time to make new friends.
  • There will be more important info sent out to those swimmers entered…DEADLINE IS TODAY!


Mats does Panther Swim Team Proud at Short Course Nationals!

Ruj “Mats” Mahattanakul competed at the Thailand National Short Course Championships this past week. He swam very well and even earned himself a silver medal in 100m backstroke. Congratulations Mats!





Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


Nov 10/11th (Saturday/Sunday) ISB Swimfest 2018 (Major Meet)

Dec 3rd (Monday after school) Long Distance Time Trials (advanced swimmers, ask your coach if you are up for this)

Dec 6th (Jr. Snow Flake Meet) 10 & under dual meet with St. Andrews

Dec 15-17 3rd Annual Thanyapura Winter Swim Camp (Phuket)




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,