SOLO Fantastic Swims @ Sunnyvale Meet

SOLO off to a Fantastic Fall season with the Sunnyvale Meet Oct. 27 & 28!

The weekend was perfect for fast swimming, and the practices have been doing the trick!

We had 25 swimmers race this first meet. The number of best times were awesome. Best thing was that our swimmers learned some new things to work on for the upcoming weeks. Which is the reason that attending meets helps with focus and motivation. Love the feeling of personal improvement after a swim.

The swimmers that crushed were:

Niaz A  BT 100 fr & br

Eden B  SBT 100 fr

Jason C  BT 50 bk & 100 IM

Lexi C  BT 100 IM & 200 fr

Adele D  BT 50, 200 & 500 fr

Sela D  BT 50 fr, 100 fl, 200 IM

Tzewa D  BT 100 & 200 fr, 50 & 200 bk, 100 br & IM

Emile F  BT 50 fr, 100 bk & 200 fr

Ron F  BT 50 & 500 fr. 100 bk

Kate G  BT 50 fr & 100 bk

Katie H  BT 50, 100 & 200 fr, 100 bk

Jordan J  BT 50 fly, bk & fr, 100 fr & IM

Robbie K  BT 100 fr & br

Adrian K  BT 50 bk & 100 IM

Elena K  BT 50 fr & fly, 100 IM, fr, bk & br

Julia M  BT 50 bk, 100 IM, fr & br, 200 bk & fr

Aadi M  BT 50 fr, 100 bk, 200 br

Sabrina M 50 fl & fr, 100 bk

Sevanna M  BT 25 fl, 50 fr & bk

Drew N  BT 50 & 500 fr, 200 br

Lulu S  BT 50, 100 & 200 fr

Carson S  BT 100 fl

Kylee V  BT 50 fr & 100 bk

Alex W SBT 50 fr

Thank you for all your efforts! And of coure the hard part with all the amazing swims in pulling the "Swimmer Of The Meet" award. Which requires the swimmers race three events both days and cheer and support teammates during the meet. The honors for this meet go to Elena K and Tzewa D. Both swimmers stayed focused and stepped up to the races. We also have the runner ups including Adele, Jordan, Julia, and Katie who were also on fire for the Sunn Meet!

A big thank you for all the help timing from the parents this weekend! 

On a last note: We are looking for a few parents to become part of the official group. The meet does require each team to offer support. Based on past numbers we have just been under the number of swimmers at the meet. However when we hit that number SOLO coaches will be required to officiate if we don't have a parent certified to fill the position. Please see Coach for the upcoming opportunities.