Swimfest Week News

Hello all Panthers,

“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it”, that is the song playing in my head right now as we head into the biggest week of the year! Swimfest is here! We now officially have 1,088 swimmers from 22 teams entered and ready to swim their hearts out here at ISB.

Because this is such a big week, I am going to only have two items in the email…so if you are not entered in the meet this weekend, you don’t have to read on.

Except… One more important item; everyone should know that the excitement doesn’t end this weekend. The following weekend, November 16/17th, our High School team is hosting the second ever IASAS vs APAC Allstar Weekend. This two day meet will have the best high school swimmers from all around Asia competing against each other as just two teams. The Allstars from the Asian Pacific Athletic Conference (China, Korea, Japan and Hongkong) will go head to head with our very own IASAS Allstars (Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Taipei, Singapore and Indonesia). One of the highlights will be the relay events on Friday night. Starting at 5:00pm the top relay teams will go up against each other in our “Friday Night Lights” Relay Competition.

Don’t miss this event and bring out all your swimming buddies to cheer on our team.


Important Notes:



Swimfest Friday Night Spirit Night (Friday, November 9th) 2:35-3:35pm:

This is an all ages, all family and friends celebration to get us all pumped up for the biggest swim meet in Bangkok…SWIMFEST 2018!

Our high school swimmers will be running this practice and they will help our younger swimmers prepare for the big meet. There will be the big cheer off and snacks after the fun!

If you are swimming in swim fest, please do make this practice even if for just a short time.


Jr. Panther Swimmers should come to this…there is no practice for you on this day.


Swimfest 2018: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:

  • Our team will not be in the gym, we will be in the big white tent on the tennis courts like last year.
  • Warm up times: there will be an email coming out to each age groups so the know exactly when each age group should be there. But do not be late, if you are late and you will have to do a dryland warm up on the side so that you don't disturb the people on time from a proper warm up. 
  • Know your races (Event/Heat/Lane)
  • Know your Personal Best Times, this is what we use to measure your success!
  • Know where you are supposed to be and when…then be EARLY!
  • Have fun and talk to other swimmers from other teams…great time to make new friends.


  • Saturday you need your BLACK TEAM SHIRT
  • Sunday you need your GOLD TEAM SHIRT
  • Both days you need your team cap…MUST BE WORN DURING YOUR RACES: BOYS AND GIRLS
  • Healthy snacks: Here is a list of what you could bring: fresh fruit sliced, wedged, or whole, whole grain crackers, pretzels, bagels, rice cakes, fruit bars, smoothies, and nonfat yogurt.
  • Extra goggles, swim suit and cap…be prepared and you will not freak out when something tears, breaks or gets lost.
  • Smiles, hugs, high-fives and lots of cheers for your team mates. This should be the most fun of the year…so enjoy it!



Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


Dec 3rd (Monday after school) Long Distance Time Trials (advanced swimmers, ask your coach if you are up for this)

Dec 6th (Jr. Snow Flake Meet) 10 & under dual meet with St. Andrews

Dec 15-17 3rd Annual Thanyapura Winter Swim Camp (Phuket)




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,