2018 Ryan Downing Memorial Swim meet Report

Ryan Downing Memorial Swim Meet Report from our Coaches - Nov. 2 & 3, 2018

Link to Whitehorse Star Daily Sports article, Nov. 6, 2018

From Coaches: 
Coach Bronwyn (squads: Brown Bears and Kodiaks):

Meet was great for both Kodiaks and Brown Bears.

Brown Bears had nearly 100% attendance by kids. Nearly all best times, no missed races.  A huge success for the group with lots of smiles.

Kodiaks were equally as good. Lots of best times displayed by swimmers, which is great as the kids have been working really hard and were not expecting such a big drop in their times. A great meet. Lots of fun and a good challenge as a coach. 
Coach Shereen (Cubs squad): 
We had a fabulous swim meet.  My Cubs have been working hard since the start of the season.  It was a first swim meet ever for four swimmers and a second for the rest.  My goal with the swimmers was to follow the rules of the meet and have strong technique.  We accomplished this goal with only 2 DQ's the whole meet. Their strokes are improving week by week and they are getting stronger.  I had one swimmer do the 200 back and he did great.  My parent feedback is they felt swimmers were prepared.
We are looking forward to the Time trials next on Nov. 25 and Feb. 16. Set some new goals and keep moving ahead.
Thanks again to all the volunteers and swim club board for running a great meet.  

Coach Julia (Black Bears squad)
Julia said that each swimmer had something worth recognizing during this meet. From being ready behind the blocks, or being helpful to new athletes, or racing until the finish and having fun. They are gaining new experience and learn a lot with every race. 

Coach Malwina (Polar Bears and Head coach): 
Everybody from the squad attended RD meet. Lots of best times, technique is looking good, skills that we were working on were applied in the race but we still need more focus on those and we will continue learning. All swimmers raced very well, the lesson to race the race, not just swim it was for sure noticeable. We had few DQ’s which are the outcome of trying more advanced skills, and the mistakes were explained to each swimmer right after the race. Swimmers were very happy with the outcome at the end after all the races.  

Swimmers from every squad are racing much better, the strokes of our younger swimmers are looking better, the level of competitive spirit within the club is slowly rising again. 

In general, I think the meet went very smooth, even with short technical difficulties which were solved by our volunteer officials & meet manager. I observed many great swims across the club, with broken records by the oldest boys and lots of new qualifying times for BC Provincial Championships. It is always good to see the improvement comparing to previous generations records that continue to set a very high standard in Whitehorse.
I am very happy with our coaching team. It is better every season with our coaching staff learning more and gaining valuable experience. 
It is great to have Coach Corey Bradbury working with the oldest swimmers as my replacement, he is a huge help and good addition to our club for this winter season. 
New on our team ...Coach Tanner Cassidy has a very positive influence on our youngest swimmers, it is great to see the improvement, the confidence in those kids and the hunger to compete. 
WGB coaching crew is built from all former swimmers, with lots of National and International experience, lots of current WGB swim club records still standing. They belong to our coaches who are the best role models for young athletes in Yukon, there is lots of incredibly interesting stories from the past inside our coaching staff. Every coach went through many years and thousands of kilometers swam in many different places in Canada and abroad. We also have 2 young girls that came out of our swim club program (Meghan and MacKenzie) coaching our new Teddy Bear squads, passing the knowledge to possibly future stars! If we combine it all together, our coaches swam in almost every continent and have a lot to share with young Glacier Bears swimmers. 

Thanks to all swimming parents for taking the time to organize and run the meet and to Referee, Nancy Telford, for coming all the way from Penticton, BC and her suggestions for making our event even better. 

Meet Manager Report:

  • 116 swimmers took part, ages 7 -17 and 3 Special Olympics Yukon adult athletes
  • Teams participating were: Whitehorse Glacier Bears (82 swimmers), Northern Novas Synchro Club (16 swimmers), Haines Dolphins Swim Team (14 swimmers), Special Olympics Yukon (3 swimmers)
  • Meet sponsors were: David and Jane Downing (in attendance), Air North, McDonald's Whitehorse, Westmark Whitehorse Hotel and Convention Centre, Swim Yukon
  • This meet is focused on Best Times, so award ribbons are given for every personal best time swam
  • more than 150 parent volunteer positions filled over the 1.5 day meet
  • Visiting referee (Nancy Telford from Penticton) - taught officiating courses and mentored two swimming parents working toward their referee certification (Doug Petriw & Stacey Cairns)
  • our fantastic coaching staff (three of whom are former Whitehorse Glacier Bear swimmers)
  • The pool staff were a great help for set up, clean up, and of course ensuring the safety of all at the pool.
  • The Whitehorse Glacier Bear swim competitions and events are a true community partnership.
Records Broken:
1. Ryan Downing Memorial Swim Meet Records broken were all in boys age category 15-17 years
a) Alex Petriw in 800m freestyle (9:21.27)
b) Aidan Harvey -50m backstroke (29.88), 100m backstroke (1:03.95), 200m freestyle (2:06.83),
and 400m IM (5:09.17)
2. Club Records Broken were all in boys age category 15-17 years
a)  Aidan Harvey -  -50m backstroke (29.88), 200m IM (2:23.37), and 400m IM (5:09.17)