Weekly News (Nov 19-26)

Hello all Panthers,

Ok our back to back weekend events are over and we are all set to have one last push of practices before the winter break is upon us. We have exactly four weeks to make some changes and get ready for more PB swims in the new year.

Thanks to all the swimmers that came out to watch our high school team participate in the 2nd annual IASAS vs APAC Allstar weekend…it was great to see those faces in the crowd cheering our teammates on. The meet itself was very successful and in the end we were great hosts and let the APAC team take home the Championship trophy this year.


Important Notes:


Speeding Tickets Handed Out Again…


After these last couple weeks of racing we have some more speeding tickets to hand out!  Congratulations go out to Sahavat Somchote, Pow Phanratanamala, Ada Tieanworn and Pippin Kantakom for all breaking records in their age group over the Swimfest weekend. To take a look at these fast times and many more, look at the 50m pool where our age group record board can be found.     


Winter Break Training:

With three weeks off in the middle of the year, our swimmers will most definitely fall off in their fitness, and their skills, if they do not stay training even a couple times a week.  It is for this reason that we offer the winter training camp in Phuket and 7 training sessions for our swimmers during the holidays. After the camp is finished, we will have training on the following days:

December 20/21/28/29 and January 2/3/4

This training is for 10 and over swimmers only as we will not have a full coaching staff on and 8 and under’s require much more attention and supervision than we can provide over the holidays.

This training will take place at the 50m pool from 8:00am to 9:30am.


Please use this link to sign up for the sessions. We need to prepare training, so please sign up if you are going…don’t just show up.                                                 


Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


Dec 3rd (Monday after school) Long Distance Time Trials (advanced swimmers, ask your coach if you are up for this)

Dec 6th (Jr. Snow Flake Meet) 10 & under dual meet with St. Andrews

Dec 15-17 3rd Annual Thanyapura Winter Swim Camp (Phuket)




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,