Infomation Regarding the NCA Meet

Here is some information on the NCA meet this weekend.

Warm-up times…

Warm up starts at 4 so be there at 3:45 to stretch and check in.

12/U’s should arrive at 7:15 to check in and stretch.
13/0’s arrive at 12:40 to check in and stretch

12/U arrive at 6:45 to check in and stretch
13/O’s arrive at 11:30 to check in and stretch

The timeline for the entire event is as follows

Timeline (this is a non-scratch timeline)
Friday 7:40 pm
Sat 12/U 12:30 pm
Sat 13/O 6:30 pm (approximate start time 2 pm)
Sun 12/U 12:00 noon
Sun 13/O 5:00 pm (approximate start time 1:30 pm)

We also have 2 timing assignment, one during the 13/O session on Saturday and the other during the 13/O session on Sunday. If you are interested please sign up on line.

Of course if you have any questions feel free to ask one of the coaches.