Swim-A-Thon Top 200 Lappers

We finally got some swimming in the pool! With the firse this year the Swim-A-Thon was a little out of wack.

And we put a few extra days in to try and fit the chance for all the swimmers.

So funny the Team Shirt: I only fear: Not Trying!

Swimmers posting big numbers include:

Reagan H   136

Aaron K     139

Anton K    60 

Congratulations to Adele, Eden, Lily, Lulu and Robbie for stroking the 200 laps with extra time on the clock at CSM Nov 24! On Wed Dec 12 we have reprots from Nupur, Lexi, Paige, Adrian, Elaina, Emile and Thomas. Finishing out with the big swims Sat Dec 15 at CSM by Drew, Aadi, Theo, and Julia!

Swimmers with big numbers also topping the list of efforts:


Send Coach Tom your numbers please!