Petition for 50-Meter Pool at Rengstorff--Please Sign!

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Petition for 50-Meter Pool at Rengstorff—Please Sign!

Los Altos Mountain View Aquatic Club needs your help in the ongoing Rengstorff Aquatic Center project discussion.
At the last Rengstorff Aquatic Center project meeting, it became clear to LAMVAC members in attendance that the city of Mountain View is not prioritizing a 50-meter pool in its design. This would be a significant missed opportunity. The chance to completely re-imagine this kind of space only comes around once in a generation, and the club wants to encourage the city planners to be a bit more visionary.
To that end, Service Coordinator Christie Heit has started a petition to lobby for a 50-meter pool. Please sign it, and forward it to anyone you know who would like to see a 50-meter pool in Mountain View! This would be a huge asset to the team and the LAMVAC community. The more people show their support, the more likely it is that the 50-meter pool will gain some traction!
Are you on Facebook? Please post the petition on Facebook. Here's the link: