Trojan Annual Gala 1st & 2nd December 2018

 The weekend saw a great turnout at the annual Trojan Gala.  As always this was a great local gala for all our swimmers from Minnows up to Age Group to participate in and work towards their own personal goals.

We had a team of 31 swimmers who participated in 104 individual races.  17 top 10 finishes, 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.  The relay teams started off the weekend with a bronzne medal for the boys 10 and under relay made up of Daniel Vargas, Bjarne Laudon, Kjell Laudon and Matthew Brennan.  The girls 10 and under then took silver ; Alannah Robb, Iseult McGovern, Anna Catherina Hayes, Ailsing Ramsey.  On day two we had the boys 12 - 13 who finished in bronze medal position; Sean McMahon, Ceasar Vargas, Oisin Carroll & Lorcan Flavin.  

Well done to Aisling Ramsey who got podium finishes in all four of her races and showed great skill in all her races.  Also to Sean McMahon who secured gold medals in both his races.  We had some first time swimmers who showed a very bright future ahead. 

Well done to all swimmers who took part on the day.  It was great to see all swimmers together and working as part of a team.  As always you did yourselves your parents and the club proud.

Swimmers who took part: 

Violeta Alia, Ellie Begley, Matthew Brennan, Eanna Buck, Lara Buck, Oisin Carroll, Luke Cotter, Ava Drewitt, Lorcan Flavin, Tia Harford, Anna Catherina Hayes, Sam Herlihy, Caoimhe Kelly, Bjarne Laudon, Kjell Laudon, Sean McMahon, Beau McCabe, Sean McCormack, Albha McLoughlin, Jean McMahon, Rebecca Nolan, Chris O'Broin, Lydia O'Connor, Emily O'Dwyer, Dillon O'Keeffe, Aisling Ramsey, Alannah Robb, Guilia Trolese, Cesar Vargas Faixo, Daniel Vargas Faixo.