December 15th - Holiday Party Practice

Well, the variety of meets and Holidays have interrupted our pattern of all-team practices (aka Skill Hours). However, this coming Saturday, January 15th we will all be together again for a full hour of practice. We will do a holiday themed practice with all the groups mingled together. Refer to the specific schedule your coach has posted as we have planned our practice times to ultimately have everyone together in the final hour of all practices from 9-10 AM.

The coaching staff would appreciate if anyone could take the helm on arranging a Holiday hangout after the practice for about 30 minutes. We don't necessarily need to sugar the swimmers up just because we're in the holidays, but a healthy potluck style light brunch would feed the hungry kids and let them have some time together after practicing together. Coach Bryan will bring the tents and tables if 3-4 parents would arrange an easy potluck. If interested, just contact me and you'll be credited volunteer hours for organizing.

Go Thunder!