The Website Has a New Calendar

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The Website Has a New Calendar


When you click on the Calendar Tab at the top of the website, you will notice a new calendar, recently rolled out by Team Unify, which hosts the LAMVAC website.


lamvac calendr tab screen shot

All the events in the old calendar have automatically migrated to the new calendar. And you can still sync the LAMVAC calendar with your mobile device. Just hit the Subscribe link at the top of the calendar. But there is a new look and feel and new functionality.


Team Unify will be posting a video on the features of the new calendar, which this page will link to.


In the meantime, the main change is that under the General tab, you see only events that are associated with swim practice groups and that have been entered directly in the calendar. Right now, there are very few of those—mainly daily morning practice at Foothill College Pool.

To see team events, such as swim meets and the upcoming holiday party (July 11), you have to click on the Team Events tab. And those events are now displayed in list form, rather than in traditional calendar form.


As the webmaster and board members get more familiar with the new calendar, it will display more team information. Stay tuned.