ASI Senior Recognition Form

Attached you will find the annual Senior Recognition form that needs to be
filled out returned to me by Friday, January 18th, 2019. Please forward to
your swimmers/parents if they want to be recognized at the Senior champs
I will send out an email list on January 22nd of all the completed forms I
have received. Every year we have kids that show up at the meet that did
not get the form or did not fill out the form for some reason, but want to
be recognized with their teammates. I understand there are a host of
reasons as to why that may happen. The bottom line is that it delays the
meet, and creates a lot of headaches, stress, and extra work for meet staff
to try and fill ot forms to be read at the last minute.

Please double check the list and encourage your athletes and/or parents to
fill out the form and email to me.

Look forward to seeing everyone in Conway!

Carl Auel