Last 2 meets SAL meets- Snack Bar donations and Volunteers needed

Happy New Year Lightning families. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season and were able to enjoy time with family and friends. Although our SAL season is winding down, we do have 2 very important meets this month. I'd like to thank all who have volunteered thusfar this season. Without these volunteers our meets would not happen! As a reminder, each family is required to volunteer at 2 SAL meets throughout each season. Not only do volunteers help make each meet run smoothly, they are necessary according to SAL bylaws. Unlike many other teams, Lower Moreland does not require a  monetary deposit to be left until this 2 meet obligation is met. Sadly, we may be forced to go this direction unless all families start fufilling their requirement. If you have not volunteered this season, please sign up to work these last 2 meets as we do keep track of those who have/have not volunteered.


A special thank you to Cindy Horsnall who tirelessly runs our snack bar each week. Not only does she man the snack bar, she organizes inventory and shops for things that are needed to make it run effectively. We are in need of a few more items for these last 2 weeks and welcome any donations that families can contribute. 

Needed are: Bottle Water

                     Large bottles of Gatorade

                     Sour Patch Kids

                     Swedish Fish 

                     Hot Dogs and Buns


Thank you for all helping to make this a great season. Best of luck to all of our swimmers this weekend.


Janet Lutter