Candidates for Junior Athlete Representative

We will be voting on the Junior Athlete Representative at the Senior Championship on January 26.  The application is available online and all applications/reference forms are due on January 20 at 11:59 PM .  All online applications / reference forms will be time/date stamped.  Failure to have all information submitted by the deadline will result in an incomplete application..  Received letter of intents will be posted on the ASI website for viewing. The applicant must complete:

References should complete the following reference forms:



The Junior Athlete Representative is a leadership position within the Arkansas LSC.  The elected position is a member of the Arkansas LSC Board of Directors. A strong application presents clear evidence of the applicant's potential for leadership.  To demonstrate this ability, the Letter of Intent should be no longer than 2 pages (no smaller than 10-font) and should contain the following bulleted items:

  • Description of applicant’s history of leadership /management.  Possible examples include:

    • Past leadership experiences

    • Defining moments in your leadership journey

    • Your greatest leadership challenges

  • Swimming achievements

  • Contributions the applicant may make to the Arkansas LSC as an athlete representative

  • Community service activities currently involved