Weekly News: Happy New Year Edition

Hello all Panthers,

Happy New Year to all of you, hope 2019 is a year of property for all of you. I look forward to hearing about all your great adventures over the holidays.

Today we hit the ground running with all practices starting as usual. We also have 4 days of new swimmer evaluations (used to be tryouts) starting at 2:35 at the 50m pool today and going to Thursday.

As we now have the Super Jr. Panther Program absorbed into the swim team, we have room for all levels of swimmers on our team. We just need to evaluate their level and see where they fit in our team.


Important Notes:


Age up times for swimmers having birthdays before March 10:

If you have a birthday before our international Splash Meet in March and you will be then be older than the squad you are currently training with you will move squads this week. 

For example, many 8 and under swimmers are going to turn 9 years old before March. They will now start training with the 9/10 squads this week. We are checking birthdays, but please let your coach know if you are aging up in the next two months.


Registration is open for next semester: Please register this week so we know our numbers

Same as before, you just click on the green registration button and follow the instructions. For returning swimmers, this is very easy. We need to know our swimmer numbers so we can assign coaches to squads.


Thank you note from our Habitat for Humanity (See attachment):

The mushroom farm that we helped to fund this year is now finished and they have sent us a thank you note for the community. Great to see the final project completed.


Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


Feb 9th, ANS Titans Sprint Meet (Amnuay Silpa School)

March 9 ISB Splash 2019 Short Course Meters (hosted international meet)

March 10 ISB Splash 2019 Long Course Meters (hosted international meet)

April 26, United World College Dragon Den (Singapore)





That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,