Corporate Sponsors Needed

Sponsors Needed


The CSL Broadlands Piranhas Swim Team is headed into our 11th summer swim season—and we're going strong as ever. We are a competitive, but fun, neighborhood summer swim team located in Ashburn, VA that typically consists of 220-230 swimmers, ranging in age from 5-18 years old. We were part of the Colonial Swim League (CSL) in the top ‘Red’ Division for the 2018 summer swim season.


We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and we rely on corporate sponsorships to keep our annual dues affordable to members in our community. Sponsorships can be in the form of cash donations, approved product/service donations, or a combination of both.


When you invest in our team, you are investing in the lives of our athletes. Swimming teaches our children important life lessons, such as the importance of exercise, discipline, respect, and time management. Plus, swimming is a lot of fun!!


Depending on the level of your investment, your organization could receive advertising space on our banners at our community pool. We also offer sponsorship opportunities on our 2019 team tee shirts provided with each registration.


Please contact us at [email protected], or reach out to our president, Joe Kilty, at [email protected] for more details