SOLO Meet Feb 9 & 10 @MA HS

These will be the events for the upcoming SOLO Meet Feb 9 & 10 which we will host!

If you would like to pick your events. Take a look and let me know!

Or you can let me pick by just sending me the email at [email protected] with the day or days!

Please mark your calendar, and lets bring this home town meet with full team support!

These swimmers are already signed up:

Chloe & Riley A, Niaz A, Eden B, Alon B, Lincoln B, Jason C, Lexi C, Adele D, Sela & Tzewa D, Emily F, Ron & Emile F, Kate G, Jackson G, Katie H, Anitra J, Jordan, Mia & Kobi J, Kai K, Nupur & Raina K, Nina & Johnny K, Robbie K, Adrian & Elena K, Kai K, Armin & Sidney L, Julia M, Sevanna & Sabrina M, Aadi M, Tarun M, Drew N, Theo R, Lulu S, Carson S, Kylee V, Alexandra W, Lily, Asher W, Hannah W and Erin Y!!!!

Get on the list and get to practice so we can have great swims!