Start the Year with a Mile


‘HOT’ swim team sets its first

 mile times of the new year

The Heart of Texas (HOT) swim team hit the pool for the first time this year on Tuesday Jan.1 to set new records in the 1,650 yd. swim.

They did this after completing the team ‘Hell Week’, which consisted of five workouts between Christmas and New Year which totaled 30,000 yards. “The 6,000 yd. daily distance is equivalent to running 60 lengths of a football field (with water up to your neck) in less than two hours” HOT Coach Al Carr said.

“This ‘hellish’ workout was designed to greatly improve the swimmers’ aerobic base leading into the championship season.   Only the strongest and most ardent swimmers are invited to hell week each year if family holiday travel plans don’t conflict. Eighteen swimmers started the five-day ordeal and 13 completed the requirements. Eleven swimmers were available on New Year’s morning to welcome 2019 in a healthy celebration of swimming their first timed mile” the coach continued.

Results were reported by Coach Carr in time order (fastest to slowest):

  • Tyler Smedley (16) 21:18.28
  • Anna Kate Goodson (12) 21:35.93
  • Gus Spence (16) 23:41.42
  • Katya Walker (18) 24:06.69
  • Elijah Junker (12) 24:07.23
  • Silke Huth (15) 26:10.46
  • Kieran Ferriere (16) 26:14.81
  • Maia Fuchs (12) 27:02.66
  • Aven Ottmers (11) 29:39.45
  • Leah Junker (11) 30:59.92
  • Gracie Bush (10) 31:10.77