Championship Season starts with B Champs


HOT swimmers move up

Four swimmers from Fredericksburg chose to compete in the “B” or faster New Year’s Classic meet at the University of Texas swim center this past weekend. The ‘Open’ venue attracted over 650 swimmers from 33 teams. Saturday managed 361 heats of eight swimmers in two pools smoothly in seven and one-half hours including two hours of warm-ups. Sunday repeated the feat with 340 heats in seven hours.   The University’s electronic timing system and the efficient staffing of referees allowed this high workload to be accomplished without a single hitch.   Of the four local swimmers who had already qualified for the next level in all of their events, Maia Fuchs swim an “A” level time in her 100 Back which qualified her for the South Texas Age Group Swimming (STAGS) Championship which is the regional level championship.   Plus, she moved up to a ‘BB’ time in her 50 Free and the 100 Breast. Alice Welder advanced in five events to qualify for the next higher level (BB) Championship meet. Anna Kate Goodson had an ‘A’ time in her 50 Free (STAGS) qualifier, plus ‘BB’ times in her four other swims.

Coach Al Carr, local swim coach for more than 26 years, applauded his swimmers who went to this final preparation meet before the championship season and pushed hard to swim their personal best time every event. “Meets at this level demand dedication all season long and strongly re-enforce the team values of personal ‘work ethic’ and realistic goal setting” he said.

Individual results are as follow:

Maia Fuchs (12):

  • 100 Back, BT (Best Time), (12.4%), ‘A’ ranking
  • 50 Free, BT, (- 4.0%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 100 Breast, BT, (+0.1%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 200 Back/100 Free/ 100 Fly and 200 Free, (-4.8%) remained ‘B’ rankings

Anna Kate Goodson (13):

  • 50 Free, BT, (-3.6%), ‘A’ ranking
  • 100 Back, BT (-2.1%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 200 Free, BT, (- 5.5%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 100 Free, BT, (-4.9%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 200 Back, BT, (-1.7%). ‘BB’ ranking
  • 200 IM, BT, (-6.2%), ‘BB’ ranking

Nichlas Mikosh (13):

  • 100 Free, BT, (+0.2), maintained his ‘B’ ranking

Alice Welder (10):

  • 100 Free, BT, (-8.8%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 50 Breast, BT, (-4.8%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 50 Back, BT, (-4.8%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 100 Back, BT, (-2.8%), ‘BB’ ranking
  • 100IM, BT, (2.4%). ‘BB ’ranking



The HOT Team will send two swimmers to the ‘B’ Championship this weekend (Jan. 19th &20th), three swimmers to the ‘BB’ championship and at least two swimmers to the Regional STAGS Championship meet.

 “Success is what youth thrive on and the sport of swimming focuses the energy into productive accomplishments.   They are learning a sport to be enjoyed for a life-time while learning ‘life lessons’ of reaching for goals that make them stretch, but not break” Coach Carr added.

The Heart of Texas Swim Team currently practices each afternoon after school from 4 – 5:30 p.m. at the Hill Country Memorial Wellness Center fitness pool.