Weekly News (January 21-27)

Hello all Panthers,

Registration is closed and we are right at 250 swimmers, so the team numbers are very healthy for the second semester.

We have our beginner swimmers travel to the Puppy Cup meet at Bangkok Prep this weekend. This should be a great meet for some learning.

This is also the last full week of training for our High School IASAS swim team before they head to Manila for this years championship. Both the girls and boys team look very strong and we are looking forward to another successful year. Please look for the good luck banner hanging on deck this week for all swimmers to sign.


Important Notes:


Special Guests Visiting on February 11th for Swim Camp (England National Team Members):

English National Head Coach Mike Taylor and team members (5 in total) including Richard Nagy (Olympic Games Member and European Championships Medalist) will be visiting ISB to deliver an after school swim camp for our swimmers. There will be two sessions; 2:30-3:30 for 10 and under’s and 3:30 to 5:00 for 11 and over.  The National Squad will then do a training session at the 50m pool for us all to watch. If these are not your swim days then please make changes to your schedule this week so you can attend.


Travel meet to Singapore…Why should you go?

For those of you swim team veterans out there, you have heard me preach this many times in the past. Being part of a swim team has many benefits to athletes in and out of the pool. But one of the greatest benefits is the opportunity to take part in a travel meet. In my 15 years as a competitive swimmer and then 20 more as a coach, my most memorable moments have always come while traveling with my team. For the coach-swimmer relationship there is nothing better. Eating meals, travelling on the bus and in the airports is the best time to really get to know your swimmer and for them to get to know their coaches.

Here is a great article that gives the best reasons for attending a travel meet.

This year we are heading to United World College in Singapore right after Songkran on April 26-28. It is a great meet that we have attended for the last four years. Please consider it and sign up today!



Volunteer opportunities are all up on the website, we NEED you:

Jobs are about half full…let’s keep this going!


Sign up soon and get the jobs you want!

Here are the events:

  • Senior and Junior Palooza (after school)
  • Splash Saturday (March 9th) Half day here equals families commitments
  • Splash Sunday (March 10th) Half day here equals families commitments




Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:

Feb 20th ISB Spring Senior Palooza (after school)

Feb 21st ISB Spring Junior Palooza (after school)

March 9 ISB Splash 2019 Short Course Meters (hosted international meet)

March 10 ISB Splash 2019 Long Course Meters (hosted international meet)

April 26, United World College Dragon Den (Singapore)





That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,