Winter Games meet report - Haines, Alaska Jan 18-20

Haines swim meet - hosted by Dolphins swim team, Haines, Alaska Jan. 18-20

Report written by Head Coach Malwina Bukszowana and Coach Shereen Hill


32 WGB swimmers attended swim meet in Haines Alaska on 18-20th January 2019. This great group of swimmers was led by our current senior Kodiak swimmers Alexa Mannen and Maddy Mead, helping the coaches Shereen Hill and Malwina Bukszowana. Both Alexa and Maddy did a great job on helping younger swimmers get to their races on time and they also volunteered to marshall all swimmers attending this meet from Juneau, Haines and Whitehorse. The hosts were impressed in the work both these girls put in. 

It was great to see all swimmers support and cheer each other. This is a good lesson for an athlete at every level of their development to learn about team spirit. 


Haines meet is awesome and we can not wait to attend again next year- said many of our WGB swimmers. 


Zoe Benitah (Kodiak) says: I love to go to this meet I've been going since I was very little and have fun every time! 


Cubs/Brown Bears/Black Bears: Had a fantastic time at the meet. It was a first time for some of them and they overcame their fears.  The returning swimmers had only personal bests, they swam much faster than year ago. It is easy to compare for us, because we swim in 25 yards pool only during our annual trip to Haines every January. Watching our athletes, we could tell they focused on strong kicking and fast turns. They look forward to next year.  There were some disqualifications but our swimmers will learn from their experience.  Brown Bears had quite a few DQ's for one hand touches in breast and fly.  We will focus on this in practice leading up towards the next competition. 


Polar bear group said: This year at the Haines swim meet, 6 polar bears attended this meet. We had lots of fun swimming over the weekend.


The Haines community welcomed us with open arms and had a pizza dinner for all swimmers on Saturday night.  We are also happy to report that the temperature on deck was pleasant, comparing to previous years, when the viewing area felt like a sauna. The watching parents were able to enjoy the weekend much more. All swimmers improved and obtained many personal best times.  Our senior swimmers were great role models for the younger swimmers.  Zoe celebrated her 13th birthday as well and held a little party in her hotel room which was a great team building event. 


Both coaches Shereen and Malwina are proud of WGB swimmers who performed very well this weekend and represented Yukon at a high level.