Our Supporters

I wanted to put out the information about an exciting upcoming opportunity for swimmers to take part in.  I have been able to secure Bob Wilson of Shooter's Photography to come to the Y on Friday February 8th to take individual photos of swimmers as well as a team photo.  Below is what the schedule looks like: 

Friday February 8th

Individual Photos - Begin at 4:00pm in Studio 1

Team Photo - Begins at 5:00 in the pool

Expectations of Individual Photos:

Swimmers are to be wearing their team suit or a suit of their choice (some may prefer to wear their knee skin) 

Team cap and goggles 

Photos will be done from the feet up or the knees up - swimmer's/parent's choice 

There will be 4 backgrounds to choose from and they can be chosen the night of the photos 

4:00pm start in Studio 1 and it takes about 30 seconds per swimmer 

PAYMENT IS DUE ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 8TH.  It will be taken that night by Bob.   

Expectations of Team Photo:

Swimmers will gather on deck at 5:00 in their suit as well as some item of spirit wear.  Shirts, jacket, pants, sweater etc. whatever works for the swimmer but it is required for the team photo.   

As stated earlier, payment is due the night of the photos.  All families will receive a free team photo as long as they purchase one item on the order sheet no matter the cost. 

I have attached the order sheet to be printed off or I will have some at the Y in the coming days for you to pick up if you wish.  They will be located in our STJJ mailbox at the front of the Y. 

Any questions, concerns, or comments, please email me at stjjequipment@gmail.com

Thanks everyone.  See you at the pool!