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The Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS) Officials Committee is seeking 2-3 High School or beyond athletes to serve as members of the Officials Committee.  Our athletes (our own children) are the reason we all got involved with swim officiating, and since there can't be a swim meet without our athletes, it is only fitting that the athletes have a voice on every USA-S/PVS committee, including the Officials Committee.  PVS has a strong Corps of Officials with a very dedicated group of officials who serve on the Officials Committee.  We are the smallest geographic LSC in USA Swimming, yet we boast the third largest cadre of officials.


The mission of the Officials Committee is to recruit, train, test, certify, evaluate, retest, recertify, and supervise officials for PVS.  


For those High School and College students, getting involved in the governance of a non-profit or not-for-profit organization(s) can look good on college and employment applications as it shows community involvement.


The Officials Committee normally meets 4-5 times a year at 7:00pm, and meetings run about 2 hours long.  Some meetings are in-person and some are via web/teleconference.  However, we are prepared to do the following to better accommodate any athlete members.  1) We always send out an agenda ahead of time.  This way you'd be able to see if there are items on the agenda that are of interest from an athlete perspective and 2) any agenda items the athletes reps want on the agenda or have an interest in, would be scheduled first to keep the time commitment to a minimum.


Athletes interested in applying for these slots on the Officials Committee, please send a brief resume with your education, swimming, and employment history to [email protected].



Rich McMillen

Officials Committee Chair

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