Rochester Invite Where are you?


Rochester Invite a MAJOR Checkpoint. What we can take from it and will you be ready mentally?

Rochester Invite =A Focus meet, no rest but suited up for a chance to get mentally get pumped and swim fast.  This time for coaches and athletes to see who can get mentally ready to throw down some fast times while not rest but focused on fast swimming. This meet can be a great learning tool for swimmers and coaches to analyze races and see what went wrong, what went right, and what adjustments need to be made. Not only that, but it’s a great way if you have done the work or if you just have shown up to practice to swim but maybe not push yourself. This meet is a major check point where you are.

No matter where you are this meet will give you the chance to just race.

This meet is great identifier for seeing if you are mentally and physically ready for those big meets. We all know the prep that all swimmers go through for these… taper, the insanely long shaving parties, visualization, suiting up, and so much more. This dry-run for championships season can point out what you need to fix and allows you to perfect everything leading up to your race, during it and after.

Are you psyching yourself out because of the competition? Are you able to effectively visualize your race? Do you have a race strategy? Ask yourself important questions like these and pay attention to how you mentally prepare for your race and during it to maximize your ability for peak performance.

Ultimately, whether you are where you want to be, the goal is to go even faster at the end of the season. So, think of your starts, walls, and race strategy. What do you need to change or make better? How was your technique? To make each race as perfect as possible come the end of season, evaluate every piece of your swim and find ways to improve.

With championship season always in mind, notice significant factors that affect your performance. Note how you deal with mental and physical preparation and make sure to evaluate your performance. Using these as learning tools to improve your races for the end of season are sure ways of meeting your goals come championship season.