Weekly Update

Great Job this weekend!!  We had a lot of best times and several new State times achieved.  That was awesome guys.


For those going to State meet, we have our State Meet Team Dinner this Tuesday at 6pm at the main building at Innovation Village.  Please RSVP.  It’s $5 for those wishing to eat pizza.


We are doing Karfool KariOke on Wednesday morning.  If you can make it please arrive at the radio station at 7:30am.  It shouldn’t take long and then you can take your kid to school.  All swimmers are welcome to attend.  This will be a fun event.  Wear your BSC shirt.


We have special practice schedule this week due to the state meet.  All swimmers are welcome to attend all practices this week except Tuesday.  We have a modified schedule then for the State swimmers. Bronze and Silver will swim Thursday this week.  There will be no practice for any group Saturday.


The schedule is as follows..


There is no morning practice tomorrow due to late start.


Monday- Seniors 3:45-5:15, 11 and up state 3:45-5; gold and platinum 5:15-6:30; silver 5-6; bronze 6:00-6:45


Tuesday- Locker Room Pass Through Only- State swimmers only 10 and under 4:45-5:30; 11-12 3:45-4:45; 13 and up 3:45-5:15, 


Wednesday- Seniors and 11 and up state 2:45-4; Gold and Platinum 4-5:15; Silver 4:15-5:15, Bronze 5:25-6


Thursday- 11 and up state 3:45-5; Gold and Platinum 5-6:15, Silver 4:45-5:45, Bronze 5:45-6:30


Friday- Gold and Platinum 3:45-5; Silver 4:45-5:45; Bronze 5:45-6:30 



Please let me know if you have any questions.