Weekly News (BISAC Edition)

Hello all Panthers,

Another amazing swim weekend for the ISB Panther Swim Team. Saturday our Jr. BISAC team visited Harrow for a big all day affair and then our Sr. BISAC team traveled to Patana for the 13 & over BISAC Championships. Thanks to all swimmers for their efforts in every and all swims. Congratulations to the whole team for taking home the 1st runner up prize again this year. Jr. and Sr. teams also brought home the 1st runner places individually. A successful weekend by any measure.

Go Panthers!


Important Notes:


A lesson for all of us; Amazing sportsmanship shown by ISB at Jr. BISAC:

I would like to thank and congratulate our 11 year old girls relay team and the rest of the Jr. BISAC team on their display of sportsmanship and team mate support this weekend.

This past Saturday our relay team was disqualified for a false start at a very untimely moment of the swim meet. Costing the team a substantial movement down in the standings (from 1st to 3rd). A crushing blow to any athlete and team, let alone these very young ones.

But aside from a few very understandable tears, the girls accepted their fate with their heads held high and were supported hugely by their team mates and even other teams in the race.

Wins and losses will come and go throughout your athletic lives, but opportunities to show your true colors are priceless. Our coaching staff is more proud of this moment than any swim record or gold medal we could have got at the end of that race.

Well done Panthers!


Only 3 day work week this week, NO Swimming this Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

We have a teachers convention on campus and it is closed to all activities. Back to regular schedule next week.


Volunteers needed for Girls vs Boys:

3 positions needed for this event to be full.


Speeding tickets:

After back to back weekends of swim meets, we were bound to have some speeding tickets to hand out:

Congratulations to Ryan (13/14 50 back), Pow (9/10 50 free, 50 fly, 100 bk and 100 br) and Ada (9/10 100 free, 100 bk and 100 br)


Year-end party a ways off in the distance, but parents should start training now:

As most of you know, our year end party starts with an all family swimming affair. We have individual swims that moms and dads can join, but the family relays are by far the most popular. Last year we had over 30 family teams. Bring your whole families, everyone but the family dog is invited to come swim.

Start your training now! Sign up will be online before you know it!


Meets to sign-up for on the website now:


GVB Battle 2019 (Girls vs Boys Meet) April 1st after school: all ages and fun times for all. Please sign up asap.


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,