2018-19 ASI Short Course Swimmers of the Year

Congratulations to all of our ASI swimmers for a wonderful short course season!

We are excited to announce our winners for Short Course Swimmer of the Year awards:

2018-19 Short Course Winners Girls Team   Boys Team
9 Year Old Audrey Simons SEALS   Adam Csege CASC
10 Year Old Helen Pope CASC   Tate Schultz LRAD
11 Year Old Brooke Guyer SPA   Zane Sims CASC
12 Year Old Emma Crowe SEALS   Connor Boatright HAWG
13 Year Old Kristina Games CASC   Will Sims CASC
14 Year Old Aubree Brower SPA   Andrew Rogers HAK
15-16 Year Old Kate McCarville SPA   Ben Hines BZRK
17-18 Year Old Audrey McKinnon HAWG   Ryan Husband NWAA
Overall Kate McCarville SPA   Ryan Husband NWAA