Sea Dragons Banquet 2019 on April 28


Lets celebrate our terrific season! 

Banquet Invitation

*NOTE: where it says # of children attending, enter the number of swim team members in that field - I couldn't figure out how to indicate that in evite. :) Other non swim team children just include in the adult guest total.

Where: Los Tios Del Ray
Date: 4/28 from 11am to 2pm (just in case, unlikely to go that long)
Cost: $15pp for meal + drink

We will need to put this on one check for a break on taxes, so please bring cash or check made out to Ian MacNeal the day of the banquet. There is no need to pre-order this year (yeah!)

Also, looking for a volunteer to pick up a cake at Costco (you'll be reimbursed) and another to coordinate decorations (i.e. pick up balloons).

Please RSVP by 4/14. The Currys are gone from 4/15 - 4/23 for Spring Break so I want to get the totals into the restaurant before we go. I would assume though it won't be a problem to add some stragglers later.