SOLO Domination @ Far Westerns

Congratulations to Carson and Lulu for outstanding lifetime best swims at Far Westerns!

SOLO swimmers have had an outstanding swim season. Which comes to an end for Age Group Swimming for the short course distance (25 yards) every year with the completion of Far Westerns.

Far Westerns is the Olympics of youth swimming. And this year featured teams form all over the West. We are so lucky we weren't like the swimminers that flew here from Texas or drove from Utah. Making the times to attend is really hard, and then swimming even faster is crazy cool!

But thats what happened, just so you know its true!

Carson swam a new best time in the 500 free of 5:20.78. She moved from 63rd to 28th place, Rocking! As it goes she also made it to the championships for another swim. And making life fit with swimming, used her time to focus on the upcoming HS Championship next month.

Lulu made her arrival back on the championship FINAL level going from 46th place to 6th place setting a new SOLO Team Record of 1:05.68. Breaking the record set in 1997 by Gina Merlone who made Olympic Trials in 2000 and went on to swim at Cal Berkley.

Way to swim girls! You were shining examples for all the SOLO team members!

(*As usual I need to take more pictures! Anytime you have some photo's from a meet please send them my way!)