Counties 2019

 Great Job at Counties all you qualifiers!!!!!

  Lucas Aquino- Grimaldi, Genesis Benavides, Isaiah Benavides, Hailey Bendersky, Brooke Bowers, Max Bowers, Keelyn Brink, Ty Corbett,  Nic Dantini,  Billy DeWitt, Jesse Dugo,  Ainsley Duke,  Skyler Duke,  Morgan Einsetler, Joe Farrell, Braden Felix, Jolie Felix, Casey Fonseca, Anna French, Elizabeth Hamm, Will Hamm, Cassidy Hayes, Kayla Hayes,  Anna Iannone,  Cal Iannone,  Gerard Jardeleza, Michael Johnson, Lilly Jordan, Olivia Kern, Emily Kofsky,  Adam Levelle, Jack Madison, Lucy Madison, Haven Mills, Jack Neary, Madison Neary, Tiffany Nguyen, Ellie O'Brien, Kate O'Brien, Kate O'Malley, Christian Orozovish, Cameron Pupke, Emma Rideout - Mann, Nichoas Savarese, Gianna Simo, Keira Singer, Mia Stroub, Adian Stueber, Colin Stueber, Elijah Wilson, Tanner Wissmann, and Owen Znachowski.....

Way to go Swimmers!!!!  We had many swimmers make the Finals during this Chamionship meet.... Here are the Finalists:  

Lucus Aquino-Grimaldi 100 Free,  Hailey Bendersky 50 back (only 8 year old to make any finals in the meet),  Billy DeWitt  50 Back 50 Fly 50 Breast and 100 IM,  Ainsley Duke First Alternate 50 Breast,  Skyler Duke 100 back 100 Free,  Braden Felix First alternate 50 back finals in 50 Breast,  Elizabeth Hamm 100 IM 50 Fly 50 Back 50 Free,  Will Hamm 100 IM 100 Fly 100 Back 100 Free,  Cassidy Hayes 100 IM 50 Fly 50 Back 50 Free,  Emily Kofsky  100 IM 50 Back 50 Breast,  Jack Madison 50 Free,  Tiffany Nguyen 100 IM 50 Back 50 Free,  Ellie O' Brien  100 IM 50 Back 50 Breast 3rd place 50 Free,  Kate O'Brien 100 Fly 100 Back 100 IM 100 Free,  Cameron Pupke 100 IM 4th 50 Fly 1st  50 Free 1st  50 Breast 2nd ,  Nic Savarese 50 Back,  Keria Singer 100 IM 50 Fly 50 Breast 50 Free,  Mia Stroub 100 Back,  Colin Stueber 50 Breast, and Owen Znachowski 100 Back

BIG SHOUT OUT TO:    Cameron Pupke for winning High score for the 10 and under girls...WAY TO GO!!!!