Senior Group Weekly Update 4/29/19

Senior Group Weekly Update
Week of April 29, 2019


Practice Changes


Thursday May 2, 2019

No Afternoon Practice for Thursday May 2, 2019 due to Banquet (All Groups)



Upcoming Events


Test Set (May 2, 2019)

We will have our test set on Thursday morning.  Come to practice in an old tech suit.


May Meets
There is a Bolles Meet on May 11 and 12.  There is an early AM session for Seniors and a late PM session for Seniors.  Sunday morning also has a Senior session.


The Episcopal Meet is our TARGET MEET for the month of May.  This is a traditional three day meet over May 24-26.


I want you at one of these meets in full or a combination of the two if you can’t do all of the days at one of the meets.  The two session day (May 11) you don’t have to do both sessions; you can do one or the other or both.  Just commit to what’s best for you on events or personal life schedule.
I know the May 24-26 will hit some graduations so utilize the Bolles meet if needed.


We want to get some racing in May.  We have one meet in June, then Sectionals, then Championships.  Time for tough training and tough racing - don’t fall off attendance.



Be sure to get your studying going, especially on the weekends and on days without afternoon practice.  I purposefully didn’t load up tons of hours in May with super long doubles.  Spend your time wisely and make it to practice diligently.  Speak to me if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re never alone and it is possible to train and excel in the classroom!


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