HS Walk On Meet Santa Clara

The High School Champs are almost over.

Which means it's time for the "Walk On High School Meet" hosted by Santa Clara Swim Club. The meet requires that you be a high school student, bring your ID! On Sunday May 5th.

All the events are swum in the morning Short Course starting at 8:30. Sign ups before hand on deck at 7:30.

Then the pool is turned into Long Course and the events are offered again in a different order.

This is a fantastic chance for swimmers to give an off event a shot. Or to swim a longer distance then is offered during HS.

A final note: Not all high school champs were official for USA Swimming. So this meet gives you a chance to also swim for an official time to make championship times for events like JO's, Far Westerns, Sectionals, Futures and Junior Nationals!

Please see Coach Tom with questions. And if you swam HS you SHOULD ATTEND!