Weekly News (May 7-13)

Hello all Panthers,

It is backstroke week and we are coming off a little extra rest from the 3 day weekend so let’s come to the pool ready to give it our best.  If you missed yesterday’s workout and want to make it up on another day, please feel free to do so.

Pool temperatures are still way above normal and our practices will be 100% technique and no high levels of exertion.


Important Notes:


Over 200 swimmers entered for Year-End party!

We have most of swimmers signed up or they have let us know they are away on a school trip.


Volunteers: only 2 positions left, thanks so much for the support! If you have not volunteered yet this year or only for a couple hours, please feel free to jump in for one of those last two positions. Sign up on the website.

So far we have just over 20 family relays. Please get me the relays by the end of this week so that I can organize and seed them.

Now that we are getting signed up for the swimming, let’s take care of the eating. We need to know how many people we are feeding so please fill out this google doc below.


SUPER IMPORTANT: Dinner Sign-Up: Please sign up in advance for a discounted price. At the door is more expensive as we have to try and get more food made last minute. Make it easy on all and please sign up and pay before the date. Here is the link:


Year-End Party Schedule (May 22 at 50m pool and Gym):

2:30-5:00 Family swim meet with 25m races and relays.

5:00-6:00 Celebration Dinner (in gym at 50m pool) sign up in advance.

6:00-6:30 Awards Dinner and Coach’s Entertainment (it’s a good one)


Thanya Pura Winter Camp 2020 (Save the date January 10-12):

For all those looking at next year’s winter break and making plans, we have set the dates for our winter swim camp. We will be doing the camp the last 3 days of the holiday, so you can go on holidays and then go to Phuket to finish of a great break!


Try another day for the last month!

As we head into the last month of the swim year, we would like to offer you the opportunity to add another day of training and see how you like it…absolutely no extra cost. This is a good way to “test the waters” before signing up for the extra day next year.


Meets to sign-up for on the website now:


May 22 (Wednesday after school) Year-end Family Sprintfest 2019


*** Relays can be entered by emailing coach Day, then can be family, friends or teammates***


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,