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Parent Meeting Notes


I thought I would post a bunch of the information and questions that came up at the parent meeting earlier this week. 
WOSC is run by an elected board of directors. This year this includes:
President: Kristine Belbeck
Vice: Pam Tremaine
Treasurer/Registrar: Heather Rasmuson
Communications: Michelle Silzer 
Secretary: Christine Gustafson
Ways & Means: Laura Kurharski
Coach/Parent Liason: Lynn Rasmuson
You can find their contact information on our website under : ABOUT WOSC - THE BOARD
Parent Code of Conduct: You can find a copy of the one you agreed to when you signed your swimmer up on our website under ABOUT WOSC - PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT. If you click on PARENT EXPECTATIONS under the same tab it  outlines basics of what we spoke about in the meeting.  
Concussion Protocol: Copies of this were handed out at the meeting. If you have misplaced yours or did not get one you can find it on our website under DOCUMENTS. As soon as you have the form signed you can return it to one of our board members or you can put it in our drop box located right beside the front desk at the pool with our logo on it. 
Swimmer Behaviors: Please make sure you remind your swimmers that they are representing our club and should act in the a respectable manner. This especially applies when they arrive at the pool or are attending a swim meet. There should be no yelling, running or rough housing while in the lobby, change rooms or on deck to name a few. 
Equipment: We do recommend that swimmers have their own equipment and are more then welcome to leave them at the pool in our bins between practices if they choose to.  You can see a list of the equipment we suggest by going on our website under SWIMMERS LANE - EQUIPMENT
Swim Meet qualifications: Here's a link to the ASSA's Rules and Regulations.  If you want more information on swimmer eligibility, events and qualifying times, click HERE:  
Swim Meet Prep Days:  If you see on your calendar there is a swim meet prep day and you are attending that weekends swim meet your swimmer is asked to attend even if it is not on your regular day to swim. If you are full time (Silver)  you are still asked to swim even if you are not attending. 
Swim Meet/Dive Readiness: Please note that new rules have come into effect directly from Swim Alberta about when swimmers are allowed to begin attending meets and how they allowed to dive at them. Coaches are required to test the swimmer and sign off that they are capable. This means even if your swimmer attended a swim meet or dove off the block last year does not necessarily mean they will be able to this year.  For more detailed information you can click HERE
Website: As you can already tell in this email we try have all the information you may need housed all in one spot...our website which is located at 
This is where you will sign up for swim meets, volunteer spots, morning practices (to help the coach know how many can make it to do lane assignments)and year end party ect. You can also find your swimmers calendar with all the dates and times they should be in the pool. This is found under GROUP CALENDARS.  A link to our team store can also be found right on the front page until May 20th which is the last chance to order teamwear this season and will be here in time for our home swim meet on June 2nd. 
We require all of our families to volunteer in some compacity. There are a variety of ways to do this. A sign up will be attached to the Event on the website. When you click on EVENTS on the website you will see a list. To sign up for a volunteer position (at any meet or  function we have) you click on Job Sign up. 
Please remember that when you sign up to volunteer for an away meet this does not guarantee that you will be have it. We take the people who sign up and send it to their meet manager. The earlier to sign up the better. It is always best to check HERE the day before the meet to see if you are listed. Please do not take offence if your name is not on the list. They may still need volunteers the day of as well and will put out a call for them. 
We highly recommend that you join our Facebook group as we will share posts, put quick reminders there and you can post swimming related items for sale. 
If you would like more information about the Alberta Summer Swimming Association or would like to see swimmers statistics make sure to check out  It is full of useful information. 
The discounted previous years team suits that we have still have available for $25/Female or $20/Male
Males: 20. 22. 24, 32 and 2 pairs of 36
Females: 12 skinny, 12 classic, 24 Classic, 2 - 24 skinny, 26 classic, 26 skinny, 38 skinny