Weekly News (May 13-19)

Hello all Panthers,

I know this is a busy week for our dancers, so good luck with your rehearsals and your performances. I will be front and center to watch you all…but don’t forget to come to practice and make up those training sessions.

This week’s notes are all about the upcoming year end awards dinner on May 20th, so please make sure you have done everything you need to do this week. We have so many people doing so many things and they are all volunteering their time, so please make it as easy on them as possible. 

ESPECIALLY signing up your family for the dinner. We have 170 swimmers signed up for the swimming, we need all those going to the dinner to sign up on the meal google doc also:


Important Notes:


What Awards (and why) are given out at the Year-End Dinner?

It is very important to note that next week is about our swim family coming together and celebrating another fantastic year. We will have the fun (and sometimes funny) family races right after school, then a beautiful meal together and then share some memories of the year.

At this time, we will also recognize some swimmers who have stood out this year in the following areas:

*** Please note that these are far from the only swimmers that have stood out, we are so fortunate to have many, many, swimmers that could receive these awards.  


  1. Panther Up-and-Comer: This is a swimmer that has shown great improvement this year and we feel is on the brink of a big break out year next year.
  2. Panther Team Mate (10 and under) and Leadership (11 and over): This award is given to a swimmer that has shown they can be there for the team mates day in and day out. At practice, in the hallways, and at our swim meets. These are the future captains of our team.
  3. Panther Spirit Award: This will be given to the swimmers that always have the ISB Spirit running through them. They cheer, they laugh and they make sure we are all having the best time ever. We have so many of these swimmers on our team it is very difficult to choose this award.
  4. Most Valuable Swimmer to their squad: This goes to the swimmer that has all of the above. They are the leader, the teammate, the cheerleader and a big time competitor. This is the swimmer the squad cannot do without. THIS IS NOT THE FASTEST SWIMMER ON THE SQUAD. Being on our team is way more than just being fast.
  5. Coach’s Choice: This award can be handed out for many different reasons. This is the swimmer that coaches need to have on the squads, for one reason or another, they just make us smile that little bit more when they walk out on deck.


3 more days to sign up for year-end party:

I will be seeding the meet and putting together all the heats this Wednesday and Thursday, so please if you are not entered and would like to be...then do so today or tomorrow. 

SUPER IMPORTANT: Dinner Sign-Up: Please sign up in advance for a discounted price. At the door is more expensive as we have to try and get more food made last minute. Make it easy on all and please sign up and pay before the date. Here is the link:


Year-End Party Schedule (May 22 at 50m pool and Gym):


2:30-5:00 Family swim meet with 25m races and relays.

5:00-6:00 Celebration Dinner (in gym at 50m pool) sign up in advance.

6:00-6:30 Awards Dinner and Coach’s Entertainment (it’s a good one)






Meets to sign-up for on the website now:


May 22 (Wednesday after school) Year-end Family Sprintfest 2019


*** Relays can be entered by emailing coach Day, then can be family, friends or teammates***


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,