Practice Change due to Construction

SAC Parents,

If you have been to the HS pool recently, you cannot miss the jackhammering all around you. Yes, the construction that has had very little impact on our operations is now literally on our doorstep.  We just received the surprising news that SAC needs to vacate the pool after Thursday, 5/23.  Please understand that we had no idea that this would happen so soon, but the SAC board has developed a back up plan to finish our Spring Clinic and USA Swimming season.

SPRING CLINIC - The final 3 sessions (May 28,29,30) of the spring clinic will take place at Flourtown Swim Club's pool at the SAME EXACT times of 4:30-5:30 (session 1) and 5:30-6:30pm (session 2).  FSC is a HEATED pool(this is why we chose to rent here.)

USA Swimming - May 28 - 30th - Same exact times for both groups 6-7:30 and 6-7:45pm @ Flourtown Swim Club

June 3,4,6 - Same Exact times for both groups 6-7:30 and 6-7:45pm.  @ Flourtown Swim Club Please note NO PRACTICE ON Wednesday 6/5!

June 10-14 - Same exact times for both groups BUT WE WILL MOVE TO FLOURTOWN COUNTRY CLUB and train in their 33 yard pool to get ready for the long course meets.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience but with the contractors ready to start the pool renovations and their timeline pushed up, SAC needed to find an alternative and we believe that this will work out great for our athletes.