NHST Welcomes you!

Welcome New Swimmers to the New Holland Swim Team! You are receiving this email because you have a new swimmer registered with the New Holland Swim Team. You are well on your way to making a big splash this summer- and we are very excited to have you as part of the team. Here is some basic info to help you get a better idea of what to expect this season. PRACTICE:

Exact practice times have not yet been determined, but we can tell you that the swimmers are grouped by age/skill level, and practices are generally held rain or shine (unless there’s thunder/lightening) Monday through Friday.

Practice will begin the Tuesday after Memorial Day (May 28, 2019) and we will email you times when they become available.

  • The first few weeks of the season, practice will be held in the evening (after 5pm). After that, we will move the time to morning sessions.

  • The water/weather is sometimes chilly, so in addition to a racing suit, towel, and goggles, you will want to pack your swimmer some extra clothing, such as sweats or even a coat. Extra goggles, caps, and towels are often nice to have on hand.  

  • Don’t forget a water bottle for practice and meets

  • Label EVERYTHING with your name. We have a lost and found, and it’s usually overflowing by the end of the season!  

  • Do not feed your swimmer a big meal before practice. Sweets and greasy food are an especially big no-no.

  • It’s a good idea to have a practice suit (or suits) and a team suit. Practice suits can be purchased relatively inexpensively online or on sale at a swim store. It is recommended your swimmer wear a racing suit to practice and save the team suit for meets only (you might even get a 2 nd year of wear out of it if you limit use to meets only)

  • SECURITY- We will be issuing 2 identification cards to each family on the swim team. It’s a business size card with your name and a number on it. EVERY ADULT WHO WISHES TO ENTER PRACTICE MUST PRESENT THIS CARD IN ORDER TO BE ADMITTED. No exceptions! Our security staff is under strict orders that NO ADULT enter without the card. Reason being is that we had an unauthorized person (not affiliated with any swimmer) coming in to watch our practices, only to discover this person was a convicted sex offender. We implemented the card system 3 years ago, and have had much success in keeping our kids in a safe and protected environment. If your family needs more than 2 cards (for baby sitter, grandparents or other designated adults) feel free to ask. Swimmers are not required to present a card, and will be admitted without an adult. Adults without cards will be asked to wait outside the gate or in the parking area (or feel free to run an errand during your child’s practice- he/she will be in good hands!) In case of an emergency, adults without cards will be escorted to their swimmer by pool staff. We know the system is not fool-proof, but it has been very effective. There will be more info on this to come, but we appreciate everyone’s cooperation with the security rules.  



  • New Holland Swim Team participates in the Lancaster Summer Swim League, which has 3 Divisions. We are currently in Division 1 (Div. 3 being the lowest, Div. 1 is the highest). Our Dual Meets (our team vs. one other team in our division) are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights (see the website for location information). You can plan to be at a swim meet by 5pm for warm ups, meets start at 6pm, and are generally over by 9pm, but can last well past this if we experience weather or technical delays. We do ask that all swimmers/team families stay until the end of the meet if possible. There are no additional charges to compete/attend dual meets.

  • All families are needed to help make a meet run smoothly. More information to come on volunteer positions & signup.

  • Invitational Meets (our team participates in a large meet with many other teams from all three divisions) are optional weekend meets that can last a half to full day, depending on the schedule of events. There are entrance/event fees associated with these meets. I would encourage you to try at least one of these meets- it’s quite an event! Great experience for the swimmers to compete and enjoy the camaraderie!



  • Feel free to contact any officer (info listed on website) at any time you have questions or concerns. We are happy to help! It’s really difficult to explain every single aspect of swimming, and much of it you will have to see what works for you and your family. But if we can help in any way with information or suggestions, we are here for you!  

  • Communication will be via email or text. Sometimes things change (like the weather!) at the last minute. Keep your phone handy if the skies are starting to look “questionable”, as we may delay or cancel an event or practice.

  • Email reminders will be sent out regularly.


  • On our website you will find much of the information you seek. Be sure to check out the Documents tab, where you will find a lot of helpful resources and policies our team has adopted.  

  • We have a facebook page where we will be posting information (such as delays or cancellations), and fun things too like pictures and videos!

  • All sign ups (volunteering, meet participation, etc.) will be done online. Further instructions will be provided.  


Whew! You made it to the end! Hopefully this helps you get a clearer picture of how your 9 week whirlwind of a season will go. Welcome to the team!