Weekly News: Year End Celebration Edition


Hello all Panthers,

Congratulations to our dancers and their big show last week. It was amazing and your dancing skills are fantastic. Your performances made me smile from ear to ear.

This week is swim time now! We have two days until our big year end meet and awards dinner. Sign ups are closed for swimming and most of you have signed up for dinner. But if you haven’t please do so today! We need all those going to the dinner to sign up on the meal google doc also:


Important Notes:

Swim Practices go on to the end of the month. Last day is May 31st.

Squad Breakout Sessions Monday and Tuesday (please attend on session if possible):

All squads at the 50m pool will have individual breakout sessions today and tomorrow to celebrate another year. This is a time for the coaches to speak to their squads and have some fun remembering the highlights of the year gone by. See you on deck!


Wednesday there are no practices, only the year-end party


3 more days to the big day:

Year-End Party Schedule (May 22 at 50m pool and Gym):


2:30-5:00 Family swim meet with 25m races and relays. All taking place at the 50m pool.

5:00-6:00 Celebration Dinner (in gym at 50m pool) sign up in advance.

6:00-6:30 Awards Ceremony and Coach’s Entertainment (it’s a good one)


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,