First Practice

First Practice Date:  5/28- see website for groups and times.  

Hi Team! Our first practice is FAST approaching.  Here are a few bits of helpful information:  


  • Wear racing suit to practice, but under clothes. There will be some dry land exercises and warm ups outside of the water before the kids make a splash  

  • WEAR SNEAKERS. Warm ups will include running and calisthenics  

  • Bring a towel, change of clothes, and  a sweatshirt/sweatpants . These late spring practices can be qui te chilly, especially once the swimmers  are out of the water.   

  • Bring water bottle, swim cap if you use one, and 2 p airs of goggles (in case one pair  breaks)  

  • Swimmers may not be left unattended outside of their practice time.  

  • Plan to arrive about 10-15  minutes  before practice time  

  • Adults: Pick up your security cards on Tuesday on your way in  

  • Label all of your items with your name  

  • Registration payments are due on Tuesday, or your child will not be able to participate. Swim suit payments should be made as soon as possible.    

  • PAYMENTS: Checks or cash can be brought to the pool and dropped off in the Swim Team Mailbox. This can be found on the side of the awards case in the hallway entrance to the pool. It is a small, slotted metal box hanging on the awards case, labeled SWIM TEAM. Please be sure to put i t i n an envelope clearly marked with your account information.   

  • Please refrain from being on deck and please do not distract the coaches from important practice time. Feel free to speak with them before or after practice.  

  • Seating at the pool area is somewhat limited (there are picnic tables)-  Adults may want to bring a chair  or blanket   

  • Check out the  mailbox ,   find your family’s folder  



That’s all for now! Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.   


Jennifer Horning  

Secretary, New Holland Swim Team