Weekly Team Newsletter (5/20/2019)

Hello families,

Due to recent changes with the JSL team logo/branding rule set we will be requiring all swimmers to wear a FAST swim cap at all swim meets this summer. Team caps will NOT be on our webstore however they will be available to purchase through us for $13 each, or $16 each to personalize (must buy 2 minimum if custom). If you would like customized names on your swim caps let us know ASAP, due to lead times on customized caps we need your submissions by Tuesday evening (5/21/2019). Please talk to or email one of the board members or coaches to give us your order.

Slight change in summer meets!  We are no longer attending the SMAC Summer Classic Long Course meet in Waynesboro June 21-23… Instead, we will be attending  Williamsburg Aquatic Club’s Summer Sizzle(50 m, LCM), June 22-23, at the Collegiate Aquatic Center, 5050 Ridgedale Parkway, Richmond, VA 23234. Sign ups will be available for this meet in the next couple of days.

We have a team gear store up for your convenience!

You are NOT required to purchase a team suit (or equipment). If you purchase the team bag, with logo, it requires a couple weeks lead time, so get those orders in ASAP. All other orders need to be in by June 1. The team order will ship as an unit. If you have any equipment you want customized with swimmer name, we have a swim parent who will be doing so in exchange for a small donation to the team.


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Up coming events:

-757 Spring Splash LC Meet (5/31/2019-6/2/2019)


Thank you, see you at the pool!!

FAST / BASS coaching staff.