Parents' Meeting Notes and Next Week's Practice Schedule

TUESDAY:  Swim Practice starts after school!  Practice will be Tuesday-Thursday this week.  The following practice schedule is in effect while school is in session:

                6 & unders:  4:30-5:00

                7-10 year olds:  5:00-5:45

                11 & older:  5:45-6:30

What to bring:  goggles, towel, practice suit (fins won’t be needed until the first morning practice)

As a reminder, parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practices.  Many parents watch from the clubhouse deck. 

Also, if you missed ordering a swim cap, we will have some for sale that are not personalized.  Personalized caps will be in right before our first meet in June.

WEDNESDAY:  Have your swimmer come early for practice so they can try on and buy their team swimsuit.  Aquawear will be on the clubhouse deck to sell suits.  They will also bring some other sale items (like practice suits.)  They will accept credit card, check or cash.  If they run out of a size and have to order them, I will pick them up and deliver them to you.  (Yes, swimsuits are new this year.  Unfortunately manufacturers aren’t making enough inventory for multiple years.)

Website Login:  All who turned in their forms through last night have been entered into the system.  If you are new, you should have received an email with login link.  If you have any issues with logging in please text Jane McKlveen, our website guru, and she will help you out.  Her number is 757-434-0857.

Parents Meeting Notes:  Thank you to all who came out to the Parents Meeting.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Our summer swim team is meant to be fun for all!  We understand that swimmers have camps and summer school.  Families may go on vacations.  And, other “stuff” we don’t expect happens.  We don’t have a ton of rules but here are two:

  • Your child will be entered to swim in a meet UNLESS you sign them out.  Please sign them out no later than 10 a.m. on the Tuesday before the meet.  (I will send out reminders during the summer.)  If you know you aren’t going to make a meet—make life easier on yourself and sign out now!  This gives coach 24 hours to figure out our line up before she has to get together with the opposing team’s coach and set up the meet.  When folks forget to do this, we have to switch things around the day of the meet—and it can cause the meet to start late—which no one wants!  Note:  If plans change and you are back in town for the meet (or your child gets sick and can’t swim), please let coach know in an email or text as soon as you know!
  • If your child is swimming, then we need you to volunteer during the meet.  (There are ways to volunteer outside of the meet as well and emails will go out as those opportunities pop up.)

June 5th:  Big Fish/Little Fish will be announced on Picture Day (which is also our Fun Meet & Dinner this year. 

What the heck are Time Trials?  They are a mock meet with only Flying Fish swimmers.  This is where our swimmers set their baseline for their time.  And, it is a time for parents to tryout their volunteer positions.  The team will provide pizza and drinks.  You are welcome to bring your own beverages—no glass allowed. 

Jane McKlveen is our Referee and Website guru.  She is the one to talk with/text if you are having trouble logging into the site text here at 757-434-0857.  She also noted that Stroke and Turn Judges are needed.  These are great positions right in the thick of things where you are poolside during the meet!  We want to have a good 10 parents trained to be judges.  You can attend the make up in person training on June 5th from 7-9 p.m. at Great Bridge Swim & Racquet Club.  Or you can do training online at  It is $24.99 for online training which will be reimbursed by the end of summer if you turn in your certificate to Jane McKlveen by July 29.

Two phone apps that we recommend are:

  • On Deck Mobile—this gives you access to our site so you can easily sign out your swimmer or volunteer without having to go to the site.
  • Meet Mobile—gives you updates during a swim meet so you can see your swimmer’s times, scoring, etc as it is being entered into the system.

Coach’s Notes from the meeting will be posted under Parent Information.

We are excited that we are currently about 123 swimmers strong!  We have room for more if you are talking with a neighbor or see someone new moving in—let them know about their neighborhood team!

We are looking forward to a great summer and making even better memories!  If you have a question, please give me a call at 407-963-1094 or email me at [email protected].


P.S.  Most of our emails will not be this long!  I promise!!