Thank You for a Successful May Meet!

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Thanks for a Very Successful May Meet!

What a weekend! Despite the thunder, the downpour and the cold, we had a successful meet! To EVERYONE who volunteered at the meet, you were amazing! We can’t thank you enough for all the food donations and your time at each station. Your contribution is what makes the meet possible, especially in this bad weather.

Special thanks to our Volunteer Coordinator Christie Heit, Snack Bar lead Lilly Swiersz, Hospitality lead Mary Kay Paul and Head Marshal Rommel Dongre. Their hard work ensured the success of the meet. And many thanks to all the people who stayed longer or took on other positions after they finished their own shifts!

I also want to thank the Aronovitzs—Lisa, Larry and their two daughters, Emily and Lily—for staying extra late Sunday afternoon to help finish cleaning up!

The long course can be daunting, and there were some swim events that are challenging, even in good weather. Big thank you to all of our coaches for being there for our kids every step of the way! And to all the swimmers, you should be very proud of what you accomplished in the water!

Thank you! And I hope everyone enjoys the final weeks of the school year.


Hongjun Zhu
Meet Director