Meet Fees- Important!


Greetings! The season is just about to get underway, and we are now sending emails about meet commitments and attendance.

There are 2 types of swim meets:

  • Dual Meets - Our team vs one other team, scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday nights. No meet fees. Included in your registration.

  • Invitational Meets - COMPLETELY OPTIONAL meets where our team is invited with many other teams to compete. Generally scheduled on a Saturday (with the exception of the Overlook Relays) and there are ADDITIONAL MEET FEES. Additional meet fees are a per event charge of $3-5 which will be added to your account and were not included in your initial registration fee. It will be noted on the meet description if there are additional fees associated with the meet. These meets are: Ephrata Mini Meet, Overlook Relays, CV Invitational, Manheim Fast and Furious, Division 1 Championship meet, and League Championship meet.

For example, if your swimmer competes in Freestyle and Backstroke at an invitational meet, and the fee is $5 per event, your account would be charged $10 for that day.

If you have any questions about this please ask.


New Holland Swim Team